Logo Caos Creativo
Logo Caos Creativo

The brushstrokes on this wallpaper are similar to watercolour paintings. Timeless.

Romantic wallpaper. From the sky, a huge moon embraces small, sky blue flowers.

Circles chase each other and meet. Interplaying spaces create this stunning wallpaper.

Geometric shapes meet and blend. Minimalist wallpaper in fine colours.

Elegant and exquisite wallpaper featuring bright, golden highlights. To make every room shine.

The watercolour style brings bright, natural colours to the walls of any home or shop.

With its rusty copper hues, this wallpaper looks as if it has been exposed to the elements. With its vertical design, it’s the perfect solution for staircases.

The background is reminiscent of a coloured gem sporting gold and silver flowers in relief. A precious choice.

The moon is the focus of this bright design that celebrates golden tones.

The design on this wallpaper brings to mind the contours of Japanese plants and mountains. Eastern inspiration.

The pink version of our dragonfly wallpaper infused with exactly the same poetic charm.

Herons flying with fields in shades of brown in the background. A magnificent scene plays out on the wall.

These herons look as if they are flying over the sea. A brave choice for your walls.

Stylised flowers in brown tones make for warm and refined wallpaper.

Elegant and precious: the design and colours of these flowers are inspired by eastern cultures for which beauty is always a matter of subtlety.

The well-defined profile is inspired by African women: a turban, showy jewellery, sinuous lines.

The profiles of these stylised women are golden: a precious addition to any wall.

Coral and underwater landscapes created using thin strokes and delicate tones. A refined choice in tones of brown.

Big leaves and natural tones of green become the ideal background for dreaming of exotic destinations.

Wallpaper with floral themes in tones of light blue, white and grey.

Wallpaper that suggests oriental fabrics, precious silks, prestigious textures, exotic frescoes. 

Wallpaper with geometric shapes and colour. 

Wallpaper in tones of green with a decorative pattern of soft, full lines that form half arches.

This wallpaper comes into your home, not as a decorative element but as an integral part of your interior design project. Metallic flashes become the absolute protagonists of your walls.

Sought-after dark and metallic tones: wallpaper with geometric motifs that have a strong graphic impact.

Wallpaper where colours and shapes repeat infinitely: an apparent simplicity that makes all rooms unique.

Wallpaper where colours and shapes repeat infinitely: an apparent simplicity that makes all rooms unique.

Wallpaper where lines intersect to form the words ‘home sweet home’; this wallpaper expresses tenderness, peace and warmth.

Wallpaper with regular shapes and a bronze effect. 

Graphic shapes with contrasts between the brass and the dusty colours. A refined choice.

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