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Wallpaper for romantic souls. Soft, pale pink flowers, perfect on any wall.

All the shapes of leaves for an original and unusual wallpaper design that gets itself noticed.

Aubergine, burgundy, forest green: wallpaper in warm, soft tones. Simply marvellous.

Just like a picture, this wallpaper adds extreme refinement to any interior decor.

Bright touches of colour liven up the fresh design of this wallpaper. A natural choice.

Bold colours in pink tones for this explosion of flowers. This wallpaper is full of personality.

Circles chase each other and meet. Interplaying spaces create this stunning wallpaper.

This wallpaper is lively and colourful, just like a Spanish dance. It’s a tribute to freedom within the walls of your home.

A touch of watercolour style paired with the lightness of hot air balloons in flight make for unforgettable wallpaper.

The watercolour style brings bright, natural colours to the walls of any home or shop.

Very delicate wallpaper that looks as if nature portrayed itself using small brushstrokes.

The small flowers with their vertical design look as if they have been drawn by hand. Perfect for staircases.

The flowers and stripes of this wallpaper are ideal for high walls or staircases.

All the power of retro pink paired with its soft light. For unforgettable wallpaper.

The pink version of our dragonfly wallpaper infused with exactly the same poetic charm.

A design inspired by nature that describes it with pink and green shades.

We have chosen the words that best represent us and we have put them on the wall: experience, design, details. Look for them all.

The beauty of this wallpaper lies in its pastel colours: a design that attracts lovers of retro pink.

Wagasa, the traditional Japanese umbrellas made of bamboo and paper used by women during ceremonies, are the protagonists of this wallpaper. For a poetic, dreamy effect.

This elegant, romantic, and delicate wallpaper was inspired by the traditional female figure of a geisha. Shown here in shades of pin

This wallpaper looks like a painting: light brushstrokes with a watercolour effect and rose-coloured tones for a dreamy, romantic room.

Giant flowers in delicate tones that create a splendid vertical garden in every room.

Giant plants and oversized flowers of different heights. The intention is to bring the jungle and its vegetation into homes.

The protagonist of this wallpaper is nature, with big tropical leaves in a series of delicately and romantically coloured brushstrokes. Perfect for adding a luxuriant touch to walls and rooms.

An elegant representation of nature with long, thin leaves that are seemingly being bent by the wind. Shown here in grey tones.

Giant leaves of different styles and origins with, in common, tones of green or sky-blue for a scenographic wall with a tropical inspiration.

It almost seems as if these giant flowers with a great scenic presence want to leave the wall and fill the surrounding space. An almost theatrical wallpaper.

It almost seems as if these giant flowers with a great scenic presence want to leave the wall and fill the surrounding space. An almost theatrical wallpaper.

Wallpaper with enormous, coloured flowers that bring to mind a bouquet.

Geometric shapes, coloured backgrounds, horizontal and vertical lines: maxi-sized natural elements.

Wallpaper with geometric shapes in soft, delicate tones. 

Wallpaper that suggests oriental fabrics, precious silks, prestigious textures, exotic frescoes. 

Wallpaper with a floral pattern and romantic decorations. 

An extremely colourful pattern inspired by Klee. The perfect choice for art connoisseurs.

In Nordic and Scandinavian design, the geometries are clean, like on this wallpaper which was inspired by those worlds.

Square and multicoloured elements for a very impressive wall.

A big, coloured sea in which large and small fish swim. Wallpaper in the colours of the rainbow for a new idea of the marine world.

Wallpaper in delicate pastel tones, among which pink, yellow and light blue. The pattern is a continual line of houses with Nordic contours.

Wallpaper for dreaming with your eyes open. A pattern of clouds in shades of pink.

The forest is stylised in geometric shapes with a Scandinavian flavour. Illustrations of trees and bears in shades of green, with a touch of pink.

A play of full and empty with a geometric texture in tones of green and pink.

A colourful, fun wallpaper with a drawn height chart that helps measure how your child is growing.

A dreamy image with elephants, mice, and coloured balloons. For curious kids.

Wallpaper dedicated to cats and those who love them. This version is in a warm shade of antique pink.

Big tropical forests are the inspiration behind this wallpaper: green, uncontaminated nature.

This wallpaper seems to have been created using watercolours. A pattern of delicate, elegant flowers for your walls. 

Wallpaper that is a tale of nature: it’s like having a garden on your walls.

Wallpaper that explores the shades of the palest pink.

The flowers on this wallpaper stand out for their chromatic charge and unusual shapes. Wallpaper with that touch of colour that infuses rooms with energy.

Wallpaper with large flowers: enormous and luxuriant for a wall with character.

Wallpaper with large flowers: enormous and luxuriant for a wall with character.

Small pink flowers for this delicate, cosy wallpaper.

Wallpaper that explores the shades of both the palest pink and grey.

Big romantic flowers that fall from above. Perfect for the bedroom

Textured wallpaper with the coloured touch of flamingos.

Cover your walls with the ancient and precious characteristics of the oriental carpets that are reproduced on this wallpaper. Because of its strong material presence, the wallpaper decorates and furnishes at the same time.

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