Logo Caos Creativo
Logo Caos Creativo

The brushstrokes on this wallpaper are similar to watercolour paintings. Timeless.

Aubergine, burgundy, forest green: wallpaper in warm, soft tones. Simply marvellous.

Bold colours in pink tones for this explosion of flowers. This wallpaper is full of personality.

This wallpaper is lively and colourful, just like a Spanish dance. It’s a tribute to freedom within the walls of your home.

Wallpaper featuring vertical designs and poppies. Perfect for staircases.

The flowers and stripes of this wallpaper are ideal for high walls or staircases.

Wainscoting-effect wallpaper in tones of red: dark red below, sfumato above.

The colours of the moon at sunset and a branch that hides itself amidst these colours. The epitome of romanticism.

The shapes of the moon meet the colours of the earth: the result is warm and elegant

Geometric shapes bring to mind fruit, like a halved orange. This wallpaper has a modern, youthful appeal.

An architectural building reminiscent of metaphysical paintings: minimalist shapes, soft shades and geometric elements.

This particular, ethnic-inspired wallpaper can make your walls unique and precious.

Ethnic-inspired wallpaper in an unusually bright, white version.

Brick red, black and beige stripes. Plenty of lines create a modern and inviting style.

Inspired by actresses and by the type of elegance that doesn’t go unnoticed; this wallpaper won’t be easily forgotten.

Lots of texts that bring to mind scraps of newspaper articles form the backdrop for flowers and geometric shapes.

A collage of our manifesto: be nice and be kind, human first, we are born to have fun. A reminder to everyone, every day.

We imagined cutting up pieces of paper, words and colours and sticking them on the wall to create the effect of a collage.

Ricorda un tappeto realizzato a mano da mani sapienti. Un tocco artigiano per le pareti.

This wallpaper conjures up the weave of a handmade rug. Simply unforgettable.

Geometric shapes inspired by the tradition of handmade rugs.

This gorgeous wallpaper’s decorations are clearly ethnic-inspired and ready to brighten up any wall.

Wagasa, the traditional Japanese umbrellas made of bamboo and paper used by women during ceremonies, are the protagonists of this wallpaper. Shown here in tones of brown.

In Japan, detail interweaves with art and poetry. This wallpaper holds all the delicacy of that world for a sophisticated, valued environment.

Coral and underwater landscapes created using thin strokes and delicate tones. A refined choice in tones of red and grey.

A real garden inside your home: sprigs of cascading leaves and flowers create an elegant, natural atmosphere.

Coloured circles move between the oblique and horizontal lines of this wallpaper.

It almost seems as if these giant flowers with a great scenic presence want to leave the wall and fill the surrounding space. An almost theatrical wallpaper.

Geometric shapes, coloured backgrounds, horizontal and vertical lines: maxi-sized natural elements.

Wallpaper for creating impressive walls that look like a painter’s canvas.

From the catwalks to walls: the Prince of Wales check - freely interpreted with coloured lines and not too many rules - gives walls an elegant but modern aspect.

The graphic motifs and bold colours bring an ethnic art style to this wallpaper: the geometric shapes look like glass tesserae that have been encased in the wall to create a mosaic. The ideal background for natural wood furnishings.

Wallpaper with lots of stripes and splashes of colour that seem to be painted with watercolours.

Seems to take inspiration from street art: lots of small, coloured tiles for a room with character.

Small children who want to be an astronaut when they grow up can dream with this wallpaper, with its outer space theme on a white background.

The leaves of this wallpaper are in tones of red. A scenographic effect for the walls of your home.

Coloured wallpaper that decorates walls with handwritten words. 

Coloured wallpaper that decorates walls with big, coloured letters.

This wallpaper transforms walls into a sheet of paper with lots of words and spaces in delicate colours.

This wallpaper transforms walls into a sheet of paper with letters of character in a confident style.

This wallpaper transforms walls into a sheet of paper with letters that seem to be flying over it.

The protagonist of this wallpaper is the prickly pear. Exotic inspirations in a colour palette of warm tones.

Wallpaper characterised by a love of material and the search for detail. 

A vintage pattern with cosy colours.

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