Welcome to the Caos Creativo world.

Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter and requesting our magazine. We manufacture wallpapers, decorative panels, and furnishings, taking inspiration from a design idea that is happy, convivial, colourful, but never snobbish. We produce in Italy, respecting people and the planet thanks to eco-friendly materials and sustainable printing technologies. We are delighted to be inspiring your spaces.
“Putting people and their desire to live in a place where every detail is cared for is always at the centre of our furnishing ideas.”
Sergio Rosolen, co-founder of the Caos Creativo brand

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Caos Creativo is a brand owned by Rossi&Co. s.r.l.
Via delle Pastorelle, 16 - 36016 Thiene (VI) - p.i. 03991950241 - REA: VI - 370505
T. +39 0445 1654438 - info@caoscreativo.it
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