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Logo Caos Creativo

Just like a picture, this wallpaper adds extreme refinement to any interior decor.

Small, pale-coloured flowers fall gently from above, like a drizzle of rain.  The effect is wondrous.

Romantic wallpaper. From the sky, a huge moon embraces small, sky blue flowers.

Geometric shapes meet and blend. Minimalist wallpaper in fine colours.

The protagonist of this designer wallpaper is a ballet dancer in flight against a backdrop of Greek architecture.

The watercolour style brings bright, natural colours to the walls of any home or shop.

This wallpaper looks like a drawing created with a vertical design in grey shades for high walls.

Plants let themselves be lulled by the water in this botanical design in brown hues.

Sky-blue shades reminiscent of air and breath for wallpaper that promotes a peaceful state of mind.

Sky-blue paired with snow-white mountains: the poetry of a winter nature scene.

The moon and the mountains are back on this decorative wallpaper where bold colours contrast with softer shades for astonishing results.

These leaves with their curvy shapes look as if they are floating in mid-air on a bright blue background. A stunning choice.

Dragonflies weave their way around turquoise-coloured flowers on this dreamy and graceful wallpaper.

These herons look as if they are flying over the sea. A brave choice for your walls.

Soft tones and prickly plants: this wallpaper inspired by faraway places is definitely an alternative choice.

Houses overlooking the sea and palm trees make for bright wallpaper with soft shades.

An architectural building reminiscent of metaphysical paintings: minimalist shapes, soft shades and geometric elements.

Shapes, lines and colours draw clean-cut, geometric, architectural shapes in sky-blue and brown shades.

We have chosen the words that best represent us and we have put them on the wall: experience, design, details. Look for them all.

A collage of our manifesto: be nice and be kind, human first, we are born to have fun. A reminder to everyone, every day.

We imagined cutting up pieces of paper, words and colours and sticking them on the wall to create the effect of a collage.

Elegant and precious: the design and colours of these flowers are inspired by eastern cultures for which beauty is always a matter of subtlety.

This botanical wallpaper features flowers and shadows in delicate, pared-back and soft green and sky-blue shades.

Vertical lines in grey tones are the backdrop for natural elements on this decorative wallpaper.

The magic of the woods right on your walls: decorative wallpaper in dark green shades, a true marvel of nature.

This wallpaper is a tribute to the melancholy beauty of lagoons: gentle, relaxing and inviting.

In Japan, detail interweaves with art and poetry. This wallpaper holds all the delicacy of that world for a sophisticated, valued environment.

Illustrated flowers turn walls into a blooming meadow. This is the version with a dark background: memorable wallpaper.

Illustrated flowers turn walls into a blooming meadow. This is the version with a light background: bright wallpaper.

Elegant branches in tones of green that sweep down the wall, adding a romantic, British touch.

Giant flowers in delicate tones that create a splendid vertical garden in every room.

A play of light and shadows for this wallpaper in shades of dark green.

The intention is to recreate on walls the fronds of a big tree whose branches descend gracefully from above. A poetic solution in a choice of cold colours.

Giant leaves of different styles and origins with, in common, tones of green or sky-blue for a scenographic wall with a tropical inspiration.

Wallpaper with floral themes on tones of light blue.

It almost seems as if these giant flowers with a great scenic presence want to leave the wall and fill the surrounding space. An almost theatrical wallpaper.

Coloured circles move between the oblique and horizontal lines of this wallpaper.

It almost seems as if these giant flowers with a great scenic presence want to leave the wall and fill the surrounding space. An almost theatrical wallpaper.

Wallpaper in delicate light blue tones with elegant herons.

This wainscoting-effect wallpaper is ideal for modern rooms: in blue and grey, it is perfect for any type of space.

Wainscoting-effect wallpaper in tones of grey: grey below, flowers above.

Wallpaper with floral themes in tones of light blue, white and grey.

Flowers, words, palette knife strokes and brushstrokes of colour mix and muddle on this wallpaper.

Layers of paint, cuttings from newspapers, signs of previous paint layers, open sheets of paper.

In this wallpaper weaves and decorative elements intertwine and merge to create an elaborate final effect. Not a simple background, but a furnishing accessory in every sense of the word.

Coloured wallpaper decorated with precious coloured mandalas, or with a mix of twists that almost create a fabric. 

This pattern takes its inspiration from the Seventies, becoming current in a young, coloured version that dresses walls casually.

The graphic motifs and bold colours bring an ethnic art style to this wallpaper: the geometric shapes look like glass tesserae that have been encased in the wall to create a mosaic. The ideal background for natural wood furnishings.

A repeated geometric motif is the decorative element of a modern wall.

Sought-after dark and metallic tones: wallpaper with geometric motifs that have a strong graphic impact.

Wallpaper where colours and shapes repeat infinitely: an apparent simplicity that makes all rooms unique.

A big, coloured sea in which large and small fish swim. Wallpaper in the colours of the rainbow for a new idea of the marine world.

Wallpaper with lots of stripes and splashes of colour that seem to be painted with watercolours.

Whale’s tails, small birds, and golden stars pop up from the thin lines of the sea on this wallpaper.

This coloured wallpaper is a gigantic map of the world with the animals that live on it. Younger children will love it.

Wallpaper in shades of blue with marine animals, words, and imaginary worlds. For dreaming big and letting imagination fly.

Seems to take inspiration from street art: lots of small, coloured tiles for a room with character.

Wallpaper with a graphic design in tones of light blue and yellow.

A colourful, fun wallpaper with a drawn height chart that helps measure how your child is growing.

A dreamy image with elephants, mice, and coloured balloons. For curious kids.

Big colourful letters explode over this wallpaper with a background of small light blue squares. 

Colourful, fun and carefree: lots of helicopters on this wallpaper for kids.

Wallpaper with leaf patterns in shades of green.

Exotic inspirations for a wallpaper that recalls nature from distant places.

Coloured wallpaper that decorates walls with handwritten words. 

Coloured wallpaper that decorates walls with big, coloured letters.

This wallpaper transforms walls into a sheet of paper with lots of words and spaces in delicate colours.

Sky-blue brushstrokes for this imaginative, creative wallpaper.

This wallpaper transforms walls into a sheet of paper with letters that seem to be flying over it.

This wallpaper transforms walls into a sheet of paper with letters that seem to be flying over it.

The flowers on this wallpaper stand out for their chromatic charge and their unusual shapes. Wallpaper with that touch of colour that infuses rooms with energy.

Wallpaper that explores the shades of the palest blue.

Wallpapers create imaginary and dreamlike scenes, where large flowers with strong, decisive colours bloom in a night-time world on walls. The surreal and mysterious side of nature comes to life on your walls.

Wallpaper with large flowers on a light background.

Wallpaper with large flowers on a dark background.

Big romantic flowers that fall from above. Perfect for the bedroom

The effect is of a large, aged wall. 

Textured wallpaper with the coloured touch of flamingos.

A vintage pattern with cosy colours.

Wallpaper with regular shapes and a bronze effect. 

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