Logo Caos Creativo
Logo Caos Creativo

An extremely refined and precious pattern expands vertically. This wallpaper makes life brighter.

Shades of grey distinguish this wallpaper. Fine, modern and delicate: a choice for demanding tastes.

Replicating the reflection of the leaves of an indoor plant: a realistic effect designed for private places.

These leaves with their curvy shapes look as if they are floating in mid-air on a bright blue background. A stunning choice.

This very delicate wallpaper with its grey tones perfectly imitates the shadows of small flowers.

Grey tones reveal tiny flowers reflected on the wall, for a truly evocative effect.

As graceful and delicate as playing with shadows on the wall: this interplay of reflections looks real.

The minimal and stylish design this wallpaper brings to the wall is almost unperceivable.

Large, green, tropical leaves characterised by subtle shading and neutral tones are the key features of this decorative wallpaper.

The leaves project their shadow on the walls, almost as if being struck by the rays of the sun. The perfect decoration for creating reflections of light in indoor areas and for amplifying the natural light of rooms that communicate with the outside.

Caos Creativo
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