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Floral wallpaper: a romantic touch for your home

Our floral wallpaper is a delicate and refined choice that can add a romantic touch to your home. A few, small buds in pastel tones or large, bright-coloured petals: each type of flower can transform any room into a cosy and spectacular space. Floral wallpaper is the ideal choice to brighten up a living room or transform a bedroom. It can revive spaces and create a pastoral atmosphere filled with the beauty of nature.

There are lots of floral patterns, from romantic ones to more modern, minimalist options.

We offer a huge assortment of floral wallpaper. You can choose from lots of styles and designs, from the classic rose to wild flowers, customising every room to suit your own, personal taste. Our options are inspired by poetic scenes, such as that of a dragonfly darting from one flower to another, and we prefer soft, delicate shades such as watercolour-style retro pink or sky-blue. The floral style can transform any home into a romantic and cosy getaway:  it will be like living in the midst of a flowering garden.

Choosing the colours and style of your floral wallpaper

When choosing the colour of your wallpaper you should consider the visual effect you would like to create as well as the characteristics of the room, including the furniture in it.   Warm colours tend to produce a cosy and intimate atmosphere that is ideal for small rooms that don’t benefit from a lot of natural light. On the other hand, cold colours have a fresher, more relaxing effect. They are perfect for creating a serene atmosphere or for making a room look larger and airier.  To achieve a coordinated look throughout the home, when choosing the colours of your wallpaper it’s important to take the other furniture into account as well.

We have selected four wallpapers with floral themes to help you transform your home. Explore our selection and open your rooms up to nature.


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