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TIME TO DREAM | Caos Creativo wallpapers SS22

Caos Creativo celebrates dreams and dreamers, and presents its new wallpapers for 2022. Dreaming is not just a human being’s ability to imagine other worlds or to fantasise about realities that do not exist. Dreaming is the attitude and ability to let ourselves be surprised and to diligently look for every detail of beauty, even when there doesn’t seem to be any more space for wonder in the ordinary.

Bright wallpaper and faraway worlds: our romantic choice

We rebel by making every wall beautiful.  The new wallpapers by Caos Creativo have bases that are more delicate and patterns that are more dream-like: big romantic flowers, the hues of the moon, printed words that speak of new humanism, faces of women from different worlds, brides’ veils, oriental inspirations.

Wallpapers: the innovation of the continuity effect in the shower

At Caos Creativo we are always looking for ecological solutions that guarantee a sustainable environment and clean air for those who delight in spaces, and innovative substrates for a true design experience in your rooms. In the bathroom, our substrates guarantee a real continuity effect, both as far as visibility and aesthetics are concerned: we propose our Linara line even for inside showers, applying a protective layer that makes having a substrate with the same thickness and texture over the whole wall possible. The effect amazes.

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