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Wallpaper for staircases: vertical-design solutions

Our staircase wallpaper provides an excellent way to brighten up a corner of the home that is often anonymous but which can - courtesy of patterns and colours - decorate your home with style and personality. Decorating your staircase with wallpaper can enhance and add some sparkle to your home, but there are a few things to remember to choose the right type of pattern.  To ensure that you will be able to cover the entire height of the wall with a harmonious and seamless design, it is particularly important to choose a vertical pattern.

Vertical patterns by Caos Creativo: flowers and botanical prints

We have created a collection of wallpaper with a vertical design forall those who choose to decorate their staircase wall with a unique touch: the effect is stunning and puts an area of the home usually dedicated to photos or small pictures back into the limelight.  Our new designs range from very delicate patterns reminiscent of small watercolour brushstrokes to other more powerful ones that bring to mind rusty and brassy tones, creating wallpaper that looks almost oxidised.  You can also choose from poppies, refined and discreet flowers in shades of grey, lots of stripes and images of nature. All these belong to the brand new collection that Caos Creativo presented at the International Furniture Show in Milan.

Beautiful, functional and ecological:our vertical-design wallpaper

Our line of wallpaper with vertical patterns is more than just refined and colourful; it can even improve and purify the air of your home. Thanks to patented technology, by applying the ECOPUR® Air-Wall  finish to our wallpaper we can purify your air just as if you had a large tree planted indoors.   Find out more about ECOPUR® Air-Wall 


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Wallpaper for staircases: vertical-design solutions

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