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Ever thought about using wallpaper in outdoor spaces?

Using wallpaper in outdoor spaces? It may have been unthinkable once, but today wallpaper use no longer has any limits thanks to the most innovative materials and technologies. The same is true for fibreglass cloth, which is perfect for covering outdoor walls or terraces, as its specific characteristics guarantee optimal resistance against atmospheric agents and humidity.

Fibreglass: its characteristics

Fibreglass wallpaper stands out because it is extremely resistant, not just to time but also to tears, abrasion, fire, and humidity. This is why it is the perfect choice for the most difficult and complex environments, like the outdoor walls of a home, or for decorating a kitchen.

Not just for outdoors: perfect even in the kitchen

The spaces of a kitchen are often complex to decorate, and wallpaper has always been a taboo. Fibreglass settles any doubts, as it is fireproof, waterproof, and extremely resistant to any unexpected event; it also does not yellow and is very long lasting. There are lots of patterns and colours to choose from, so the most suitable one for every style and every kitchen can be found.

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