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Wallpaper in the bathroom - Yes, now you can

Forget old wallpaper, which was vulnerable to water. Today, furnishing solutions open up, taking design into the bathroom, too. And they replace the more common tiles quite well, offering a wide range of possibilities: floral patterns, geometric patterns, Nordic or Mediterranean patterns, lines. A solution that is possible thanks to innovative substrates that resist water and humid rooms, but with the same level of effectiveness, and which should be chosen according to where the paper is to be applied.

Wallpaper for bathroom walls

Those who want to personalise their bathroom (no matter how big or small) with wallpaper can choose from plenty of patterns and can place their trust in a substrate that resists splashes and humidity. What we recommend is the semi-drop version of Linara, with opaque finish: it keeps your walls safe but is not suitable for shower cabins or places like spas.

The wallpaper for shower cabins or spas

Wallpaper hanging in a shower cabin or for spa, even at home, is impressive. Imagine your favourite patterns lighting up your shower without the risk of them being damaged by the water. This is possible thanks to the Linara substrate with Acqua-System and a semi-gloss finish.


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