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Kids wallpaper: where the imagination rules

The kids' bedroom is a special place in any home, a room packed with games, fun, magic, where young imaginations run wild. Our most fun and playful designer kids wallpaper collection is dedicated to the youngest members of the household and their make-believe worlds. Pastel shades, lots of animals, and dreamy patterns, like whales and butterflies, polka dots, and aeroplanes. For dreaming about faraway lands.

What does your child like? We have a wallpaper to suit

The first piece of advice we like to give anyone about to embark on decorating the kids' bedroom is: rule number one, tune in to your child's passions and tastes. The room should delight them, make them feel welcome, and at ease. This is why we've done our best to recreate designs and patterns that reflect what kids want, like aeroplanes, spaceships, animals and underwater scenes, choosing bright, vivid, cheerful colours: have fun choosing them together and make your kids feel like the hero of their own room. It's also important to take into account the room's existing style for a harmonious, uncluttered look, trying to match colours and make decisions that are in keeping with the rest of the scheme.

Where to hang wallpaper in kids' bedrooms

We recommend hanging kids wallpaper on just one wall of the room, not on every wall, to avoid weighing down the space. For example, you might choose to highlight the wall behind the bed, or decorate a small alcove in the room. Another option is to wallpaper a piece of furniture or the doors on an old wardrobe to revive or freshen up the look and give the room a complete facelift.

Choose ECOPUR® Air-Wall, the air-purifying wallpaper

Our entire kids collection comes with the groundbreaking ECOPUR® Air-Wall option, an innovative wallpaper technology designed to actually purify the air. ECOPUR® Air-Wall is a high-performance environmentally friendly ionizing resin thatis activated both by light and in the dark, ionizing and purifying air to remove airborne particles, such as smog, pollutants, germs and bacteria, at the same time fighting odours and freshening all your spaces, acting just like a big tree. Every surface lined with "ECOPUR® Air-Wall"thus becomes an air purifier, no power required.

Be prepared to be inspired by our "colour me baby" kids wallpaper collection

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